I like this. When you ask the question about supporting your support system, you already express my counter. And you go on to talk about this effectively.

Although, I think we still have a direct responsibility people who directly helped us through our parents. It’s loose but we should take it on, because they did it “for us” even without our permission. We were “subjects” of their support. And i think it’s a thought process and sense of responsibility that is useful across board (Eg paying taxes for education and social security thereby imposing a responsibility on kids to have to pay taxes when they grow up for other people’s kids).

Re: building payment apps. I think it’s always important to ask oneself the question: “what’s my impact?” every step of the way (both in personal and professional interactions) and follow it to its logical conclusion And don’t be afraid to recognize that multi-million dollar businesses are positively impacted by the work you do. It’s the challenge you’ve taken upon yourself anyways — and it’s a beaut! Besides, denying impact is sometimes a defense mechanism from recognizing the responsibility we have — so we don’t feel accountable for our failures.

Again: me like much.


Cofounder, Helicarrier. Custodian, Aleph Fellowship.

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